Easy Beauty Hacks All Woman Should Know

September 2, 2020

All modern women pay attention to their appearance and always tend to look pretty. The good news is that we can replace expensive market products with budget beauty hacks that can be more effective than expensive salon treatments and cosmetic items.

We have listed collected ten beauty hacks suggestions that can be used in various situations. They will help you to get rid of issues you possibly have with your look and surprise everyone with your appearance.

Extraordinary BEAUTY HACKS For Woman

Thick And Long Eyelashes

Coconut oil holds wondrous properties, that’s why it’s used extensively in various cosmetic items and is probably of the most popular commodities in the beauty industry.


  • aloe vera gel
  • coconut oil

Coconut oil holds minerals, vitamin E, and other nutrients that stimulate the growth of eyelashes by penetrating into the follicles. The mix of coconut oil and aloe vera gel will help to advance the growth efficiency and make your eyelashes thick and long.

Remove All Blackheads

Here is how to get rid of annoying blackheads by cleansing the skin with just a simple homemade mask. All the ingredients you already have are available in the kitchen.


  • a small pack of gelatin (powdered and non-aromatized) 
  • few teaspoons of milk

Stir the ingredients, warm them up in the micro for 10 seconds, and apply to the problematical zone for good 15 minutes. 

Soft Pinkish Lips

The expensive lip scrubs on the market and as well as medicated lip balms are not always necessary to fix cracked and dry lips. Just make your own remedy.


  • toothpaste
  • honey

Do the following steps to make lips soft: scrub the lips with a toothbrush and a mix of honey and toothpaste for 3-5 mins. Your moves should be smooth and light. 

Remove stretch marks

The majority of men say that stretch marks don’t frighten them much, but women aren’t comfortable having this blemish which is why they always try to remove them.


  • one medium potato
  • a gauze

It’s a known fact that potatoes hold starch that has soothing and softening characteristics. Also, hold antioxidants that limit and slow down the process of cell damage and are great preventive agents against skin damage. Start with peeling the potato, chop it into pieces and then, put on the gauze, and use this as a compress on problematical areas.

Instant fresh hair

The reason behind the effectiveness of dry shampoo is that they hold substances that consume extra oil that give a dirty look to the hair. If you want to make your DIY dry shampoo without any chemical add-ons, you can follow our recipe that’s suitable for both dark and light hair.


  • 1/4 cup of cocoa powder (for darker hair)
  • 1/4 cup of cornstarch
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon

Stir all ingredients together, apply the mixture to the hair with a brush, and leave it for 30 mins. Make sure you won’t rub it on the scalp, as it may cause itchiness. 

Fix cracked and dry heels

Possibly the trickiest of all beauty hacks. If you have a problem with dry, cracked heels, there is a simplistic solution that just requires lemon and moisturizing cream.


  • a large lemon
  • moisturizing cream

Cut the lemon into half slices, put it on the heel, and put a sock as a cover on it. The method will help to seal the results of the treatment. 

Quickly Recover Of Broken nails

All woman worries about the condition of their nails and manicures their nails to look well-groomed and neat. Unfortunately, no one is secure against the fact that a nail can break at the most inopportune moment.


  • teabags
  • regular nail polish
  • base coat nail polish
  • top coat nail polish

Using a tea bag, cut into pieces similar in size to the break you are going to fix. It helps to strengthen the construction which will be made of several sheets of nail polish and let your nail to look exceptional until the next visit to your manicurist. 

Remove Body Hair

Excess hair is linked with an expanded level of testosterone. Laser epilation is the best option you can perform to get rid of this, but it’s surely an expensive method. There are more budget methods that are also as efficient. For instance, Indian women eliminate unwanted hair with the help of a spice.


  • 2 tablespoons of turmeric
  • latex gloves

Mix water and turmeric then apply the paste to the parts where you want to eliminate the hair. After several treatments, the hair will become thinner and will disappear completely. 

Young and Smooth Looking Face

Grapes have anti-aging characteristics — they are high in chemical compounds that help to fight wrinkles, restore the skin’s elasticity, repair skin damage, and provide nutrients.


  • grapes
  • olive oil

This DIY mask will moisturize the skin and reduce the amount and depth of wrinkles. Remove the peel and the seeds from the grapes and blend them into a mush. Mix two tbsp of this paste with one tsp of olive oil. Apply this mask to your neck and face with circular massaging movements and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse it with lukewarm water.